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The Corona Virus has definitely turned everything upside down. Jobs, educational institutions and life in general has come to a standstill. The students of the 10th and the 12th grade experienced way too many emotions during this pandemic. From writing a few papers, to waiting for the rest of the exams to be cancelled and with a huge sense of uncertainty and confusion, the students made their way through the examinations that determined their future.

16-year-old Sandra shares her experience of writing and preparing for her 10th board exams during this pandemic. “I’m in 10th standard and this is surely a turning point in my career. I have been quiet focused since the beginning of this academic year. I always ensured to cover portions that we learnt in school on a daily and weekly basis. The teachers in my school taught me really well, and they were approachable when we had doubts. This was something that was really helpful, as I never went for tuitions.”

Sandra studied at Sacred Heart Girls High School, Bangalore. (ICSE syllabus). When students reach the 10th grade, the society has great expectations from them. Also, the child goes through immense pressure to score really well, which in turn determines their future. Students are prepared from the beginning to be able to face the board examinations and, instead of being confident about their preparations, they tend to be extremely fearful and anxious. The family’s reputation, their future, their dreams are all at stake. “My board examinations started in the last week of February and was supposed to go on till the end of March. I was quite confident when the exams started as my preparations were good. But, the corona virus played a spoilt sport for all of us. This pandemic has been a nightmare for the entire world. The virus started rapidly increasing in India from March.” As we all are aware of the fact that March and April are very serious months for those attempting boards examinations, Sandra says that the students had a difficult time due to the rapid increase of the pandemic during these months. “The exams were going on and the virus was spreading like wildfire, which was life threatening. Thereby, pushing the government to put a hold on many exams and cancelling some of them.” Students were delighted when they found out that their exams are being cancelled, especially their board exams. But, Sandra says that she was disappointed on hearing the cancellation of the exams, as she always had an aim to score a good percentage for her boards. “I had already written 7 papers and only 3 were due and, I really wanted to write all my papers. Unfortunately, the virus kept increasing and the dates kept postponing. Indeed, it was very annoying. Although I was at home, my mind wasn’t free.” A circular from the board was sent to the ICSE students that the exams would be held in July. Sandra says that she heaved a sigh of relief. However, in a few days they received another circular stating that the examinations have been cancelled and, the marks would be calculated based on the average marks that the students would obtain on the papers that were written already. “This made me anxious and kept my fingers crossed for my results,” says Sandra.

“I was nervous on the day of my results which was quite natural for any student. On July 10th when I logged in to check my results, by God’s grace I was happy to see that I had secured 96.33%. I also stood 3rdin my school. My parents were extremely happy and so was I, as my real hard work had yielded good results. My family was very happy and we all celebrated that day.”

“I have always grown up knowing that there is no short cut to success. So there is no secret to my success, but it was all the hard work and dedication which I had put in brought me all the laurels.”

– Tabitha Kumar

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