Do good to feel good


A strong willed young lady Diana Pinto, born at the shores of the coastal region in Karnataka, narrates her sense of true happiness and a deep connection with her hometown.

“I was born and brought up in a beautiful, serene region, close to the ocean and close to my heart.” The sound of the waves and the calm of nature shaped her into the person that she is today. She was born in the strong and affectionate arms of her parents whom she adores with all her heart. “Yes, I’m a 90’s kid and I was very interested in studies and extra-curricular activities. I have also incurred leadership qualities that has been passed on from generations.”

Diana faced many challenges, however she overcame them through a simple tip that is, her love for her parents that encouraged and transformed her into a better person and helped her tackle the problems that were thrown at her. “I finished my SSLC and PUC and, I had a strong desire to do something more. I had then decided to study Chartered Accountancy.” Although she wanted to study a challenging subject, she believed that if one has the determination to accomplish something, nothing can stop them. Yes, she did have the zeal to study further and help her parents as well. She looked straight ahead and now; she is a final year CA student. She did face many ups and downs during her CA years but she let go of the downs and concentrated only on the Ups.“I finished my article ship at Mabukala, my hometown and I completed my B.COM as well.” She gained the third rank in Karnataka State Open University. Taking one step at a time, she was determined to fulfil her dream. After her M.COM, she knew that nothing could stop her from completing her CA and she is on her journey on reaching her goal. “I got a job in Bangalore and I had to leave my identity, my place, my home.”

It was difficult for Diana to leave something that she was so connected to. Her parents, her roots, was it going to be easy? She moved to Bangalore but she felt lonely and that made her travel back home every weekend. “I am so deeply connected to my Mabukala that it was very difficult for me to move away. But, to reach my goal I had to overcome all these fears and I eventually did, with the help of our Heavenly Father. However, my hometown is my true love, nothing can replace it.” Its true as Diana says that learning should never cease, gaining knowledge and continuing to learn is a life time process. She concludes by saying that life is not merely made up of riches or wealth, but life happens when you decide to be a good person and help someone in need.

“When you help a person, the happiness and satisfaction feels like a cool breeze that floats through my hair, the ocean that roars and the sky looking beautifully magnificent.” That for her, is happiness. Take a minute and think about yours.

– Tabitha Kumar

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