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Poornima a 22-year-old woman, born and brought up in a village in Mandya, shares her story of how she fought back and stood up for herself through this journey called life.

Poornima moved to Bengaluru after her 4th grade and, for her to be able to adjust to a city life took time. She wasn’t familiar with all that the city had to offer as she had grown accustom to a life of a villager. She was a quiet, shy girl. She also seemed to be a nerd so people did not really mingle with her. Her classmates called her names like, “soda buddy, kannadka,” and so on. She was judged by her outer appearance and because she generally kept herself away from people. Poornima, as a 4th grader had to go through all of this. Imagine her situation.

She faced the same circumstances even during her high school years. Students were not really welcoming however; she did get close to a couple of people. She then began to make a few friends. Although she went through a lot of hardships, with much difficulty she completed her graduation. She wanted to take the next phase of her life far away from the surroundings that she was in at present.

Poornima was kind of a loner, she hated travelling, she was also very scared to travel short distances. She used to feel a sense of fear that gripped her even while buying tickets from the conductor. Yes, she was very conservative and insecure as well. But, after her graduation, she was determined to explore and break open from the small shell that she was living in. She joined the SJPUC college and it was difficult once again, for her to feel comfortable with her surroundings. Then, she was very scared to get into sports, keeping in mind of the dangers of it, like physical injuries. However, during her schooling years, her classmates forced her to join kabaddi. And that’s how her journey began.

Once while playing, she ended up injuring her pancreas. Poornima did not really know the intensity of the injury, until the doctors told her that 60% of her pancreas was damaged. She had to go through a major surgery and during those years, there was nothing like a laparoscopy surgery of pancreas that was ever done. However, Poornima buckled up and said that she would go through and face it. The doctors said that it was their first time on performing such a surgery and Poornima did not give up. From being a quiet introvert she rose up like a courageous lion and she was ready to face the consequences as well. The surgery went on for 4 long hours. She says that, by the Grace of God and with the prayers of her family, friends and teachers, she recovered very soon. Then, she joined the football team and she rose above all her fears and thus, she became a player of the state football team.

She then joined SJCC, her dream college through sports quota. She was doing very well but there was a sudden low point that she fell into. She was in love, but after he left her, she was completely depressed. All her insecurities, all her fears started to come back to her and she gave up everything. She kept getting thoughts of taking an extreme step, but she made it a point not to give up and fall for all those things that were running in her mind. It took a year for her to get back to her normal self, she started going for counselling and after all that she went through, she bloomed into a beautiful person. Now, she is content with life, she is working as an auditor and she is doing very well.

“Loving yourself will make you love people and love the world. So when you decide to love yourself that’s when you can show love to others. Be kind to people, stop this bullying, you don’t know what they are going through, be kind to one another. You’re not going to take any materialistic things from this world, instead be kind and love and that’s how you won’t have any burden in your heart. Forgive and forget and just move on. You will be in peace.”

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