“Hey there, my name is Deekshitha and I’m 22 years old. So without dragging too much, let’s get into the conversation.” With the announcement of the 10th and 12th results, students start to plan the next phase of their life. So did Deekshitha.

“Yes, I chose to be an advocate as it was my dream for a very long time. But due to various reasons I was pulled into engineering. It was totally out of interest.”

Our society perceives a sense of prestige in making their children doctors and engineers. A science student is a hard worker, an A grade topper. However, the other fields aren’t even considered in their top notch ranking system. Such is the mindset of the society in our country. “I was not a girl who could go with the flow, then. I was very adamant with what I wanted. And so I was unable to accept my reality. I couldn’t concentrate on the subjects that I was studying because I totally hated the situation I was in and, that affected my marks as well. I would study for long hours, yet I couldn’t pass my exams. I let my fear and frustration engulf me.” Deekshitha slowly let her agitation consume her and she started drifting away from the outer world. A person’s career defines their future and, if they fall into something that they never wanted to do, it becomes very difficult for them to actually cope up. They will not even feel a sense of satisfaction and contentment with life and with their career as well. “Mentally I became so weak and I would get annoyed with everything. I was unable to mingle with people as I had built my insecurities from within.” Deekshitha tried her level best to share her worries, her problems with someone at least, but nobody gave heed to what she was saying. “I was so clueless and I was sure about one thing that, nobody can rescue me from this situation.” She says that, at some point she had decided to quit her graduation.

“After going through a mental roller coaster of insecurities, I finally took courage to hold on to a worthy decision, instead of just hurting myself over and over again.”

Deekhitha had a determined mind to make her life extraordinary rather than just sitting at home and cribbing about all that she went through. You get in life what you have the courage to ask for. Thus, she started to take one step at a time, although her initial stages proved to be immensely stressful and burdensome. “I found my own ways that would work for me. And then gradually, things started to change towards a positive note.” The insecurities that she faced was shattered and once again, she was a free bird, let loose from a cage. “At this moment I would like to thank my parents and well- wishers who stood strongly beside their weak child and all her complicated situations. I’m indebted to their guidance and support.”

Deekshitha then went on to battle with engineering and she came out victorious. After this struggle, she decided to start another journey where she witnessed many roads passing afore her and, she had to choose one path and that proved to be a difficult choice for her, yet again.  “I had decided to take a year off since I wanted to be trained in some important aspects of my life that would help me in my further endeavors.” All we have to do is to decide what to do with the time that is given to us. “Trying to think and retrospect on my own life and my own career during that one year was one hell of a ride, but it was worth it.” Deekshitha decided to pen down all her emotions and feelings by writing a novel. “I didn’t really know how to go about with it. I just felt that I had so much within me and that would eventually turn into a story.” She began to write and after writing each line, she would read it out to her mother who would listen to her and react genuinely. “Yes, my mom was my first reader.” One early morning when Deekshitha was reading and explaining an emotional part of the story to her mother, she noticed tears rolling down her eyes. “And that was the moment I felt that I have written something that makes sense and is relatable as well.” She worked almost 5-6 months on her story and then the procedures for the publishing of the book went on.

Author of the book “The Complicated Emotions”

“I’ve also played my hands on different things in this one year. I had also re- worked on my weakness and varied other aspects that needed some alteration in my life.” Deekshitha is proud to say that she has taken up a decision to study M. tech this year. “Yes, I took up a course that I hated before. But this time it is my own decision.”

“I’m really grateful to the universe for leading my ways. The universe has its own plans for you and sometimes they are much more meaningful than ours!”

-Tabitha Kumar

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