The best investment on Earth is Earth.

Invest in farmland with an average 11% annual return

Invest & diversify in something that will always be valuable.

Perfect gift for the Next Generation

We take care of the paperwork, plantation, maintenance, and everything in between. So you can grow your wealth while living worry-free. The farmland index hasn’t had a negative year since 1991.
Why Invest in Farmland?
Land Value Increases with Time
Protection Against Inflation
Agricultural Income is Tax-Exempt

Make Money While You Sleep

Annual cash rent payments from farmers
Receive profits from selling crops

Invest and watch your Profits Grow

Alongside a rapidly growing global population and demand for food, farmland offers a truly diversified investment opportunity with attractive long-term returns

Mogg's Estate: The Smart Choice


We take care of everything - paperwork, farm management, payments.

Peace of Mind

Earn high passive income with zero stress.

Superior Investment

Build generational wealth with this long-term asset.

Managed & Secured 24/7

Live worry-free while we manage your farm with utmost care.

How It Works? The Process

Farm Selection

We pick the best farmlands that meet our air-tight criteria.


You visit & choose a farm you want to buy.


You visit & choose a farm you want to buy.


We get the legal paperwork done and you’re the owner of the farmland now.

Monitor Your Investment

Know everything that’s happening on your farm with a mobile app.


You get passive income from land appreciation, plantations, resale, etc.

Ready to
Get Started?

Invest in Mogg’s Estates now – it’s the best way to start earning passive income from farm land!