How it Works?

Farm Selection

MOGG’S team picks excellent farmlands that meet our air-tight criteria. Our experts carry out thorough due diligence. From soil, tissue & water rights to on-farm equipment & workforce – only once we are certain of everything, we select the land and offer it to you.


You visit & choose a farm you want to buy. We know that not everyone wants to or has the means to buy acres of land, that’s why with Mogg’s you can buy as low as ¼ acre at pretty competitive prices.


Congratulations! You have just bought your very own farmland. Now all that is left for you to do, once the land has been liked and approved of course by legal documents signed on behalf of yourself in order pay an advance amount equivalent 1 lakh rupees so they can be provided legally before anything else happens – which may take up some time depending how busy things are but rest assured we’ll get back with updates as soon as possible throughout this process.

Plantation & Management

We don’t just sell you the land and bid adieu – we take care of it even after the purchase. Our experts advise you on various plantations that can get you highly attractive returns in the long-term as well as the short-term. From forest trees such as Sandalwood, Teakwood & Mahogany to Commercial crops like Arecanut, pepper & coffee – We plan & manage it in such a way that it can give maximum returns on the investment.

Monitor Your Investments

Know everything that’s happening on your farm with a mobile app(work in progress). Keep track of any updates regarding your farm. Updated routinely by our agronomists.

Enjoy Your Returns

Get lifelong returns from land appreciation, plantations, resale, etc.

We’re not just a farmland company.
We’re the future of farming.