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Who is Mogg's Estates?
Mogg’s Estates is an agricultural asset management company with a vision to build sustainable and eco-friendly farmlands for everyone.
What is Mogg's Estates Mission?
To provide investors direct access to the highly attractive asset class of farmland.
How does Mogg's Estates work?
We like to keep it straightforward because we value our client relations. Our team will locate the ideal land for your project, develop the plots, and sell them to you at a price that’s even better than what you’d expect. Once the sale has been completed, we’ll manage the land on your behalf so that you can enjoy worry-free.
What is the minimum area of plot one can buy?
Minimum investment requirements vary from one listing to the other in accordance with their size. The most common are those of 1/4 acre (Quarter Acre). Please inquire for details about the requirements for specific listings, as these often change frequently
What are the benefits of owning a managed farmland?
When it comes to the advantages of owning a managed farm, there are too many options to list. With land value appreciation and high crop returns, you can manage your small investment in the farm to turn into great wealth. What’s more is that you can share your weekends with the family at the farm by taking part in activities like horse riding, swimming in the pool and much more.
Yes. Mogg’s Esates has a team of experts who look after all the legal aspects like land titles, transfers, etc.
Can anyone buy an agricultural land? Are there any restrictions?
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Does the value of farmlands appreciate over time?
The farmland prices will continue to rise based on supply and demand shifts in populations for generations to come.

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