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About Us.

Coffee in one hand and confidence in another. From magnificent hills and an enticing environment to a combination of harsh and victorious realities of life. We, are a HUGE PACKAGE OF COFFEE AND CONVERSATIONS

Our Story

Powered by Coffee!

Between “B” for birth and “D” for death, there’s a “C” for coffee that we live for! We at MOGG’S strive hard to give you the best combination of an enriching, energizing taste with an intense amalgamation of emotions.

Great coffee beans give you the perfect cup of coffee and great experiences give you a stronger life. MOGG’S COFFEE presents to you a beautiful blend of a refreshing cup of coffee with an inspirational story to go with it. Sit back, Read. Sip. Live. Repeat!


Our coffee beans are handpicked from our own homegrown single estate amidst the fresh and lush green scenic beauty of Mallandur, the heart of Chikmagalur. We grow our coffee beans at around 1200ft, above sea level. Among an exquisitely stunning environment, our coffee plantation is nurtured with utmost care. And there’s more! our bitter sweet, aromatic and flavorsome products are produced from 100% A grade Arabica coffee beans. Yes, you heard that right!

Coffee Conversations

Coffee makes it possible to get out of bed and a conversation with it makes it worthwhile.

Coffee is like a hug in a cup and, we at MOGG’S exclusively offer an inspirational tale that will motivate, strengthen and drive you to achieve that one dream that you have been waiting to accomplish. One man has a thousand stories. However, he always has one story that can potentially transform his life, and it has the power to change the lives of many as well. Uncommon stories by common people is what we strive for!

MOGG’S offers an anecdote with a bag of emotions, a never ending set of struggles, motivating achievements and finally a leap with a truck load of experiences, onto the road of success. We look forward to giving you an unforgettable adventure! Your story with our cup of coffee, a perfect combo!

Our Policy

Stories that are powered by our coffee is non fictional and they are authentic in nature.

The entire life cycle has been taken care of by the MOGG’S team, from Chikmagalur to Bengaluru. There is no third person involved. Thus, the quality of our products are trust worthy.

All your personal details such as your name, contact number, email, address and so on will be confidential.

We try and help the farmers by engaging them with us. We buy our products from them, in turn ensuring that they are safe in our hands and we in theirs.

From the production stage to packaging and finally to the delivery of the products, we at MOGG’S ensure the security and protection of the products and of all those who work with us.

Our Core Values

A bad day with coffee is better than a good day without it. MOGG’S emphasizes on consumer satisfaction. We love it when you enjoy every sip of that delicious cup of coffee and obtain an emotional connect with us through our stories as well. We believe in giving you the best and we work hard to accomplish it. All that we want is to witness a smile on your face. We also emphasize on stories that touch lives and mend hearts. Stories that give you a hope to face the future. Stories that are true and relatable. We aim to promote social values from the production of our coffee beans till the stories that we share.

Share Stories

Good Coffee is a pleasure and a good conversation with it is a treasure! Thus, MOGG’S presents a platform that provides original trustworthy stories. Stories that are emotional, prove to be inspiring and seem to be challenging as well. Reading an enticing story with every sip of your true love is what MOGG’S strives to offer to you.

Business Inquiries

MOGG’S coffee is a new age brand with wide range of offerings in coffee and coffee based products made from home grown single estate Arabica coffee beans. Let’s talk business over a cup of coffee!

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