With love for our Planet we started Mogg's Estates

Whenever friends and family would visit us in our village, they’d only have one question on their mind: how could they go about buying an agricultural land in a location as serene as that? Who would manage that land when we had no experience with agriculture? And many such doubts popped up. Thus to answer these questions and help people like these who want to reconnect with nature, get into agriculture; we started Mogg’s Estates. We will source farmlands which are located in serene locations. You buy the farmland and we will manage it for you so that you can relax knowing your investments- both financial and emotional- are cared for properly without worry.

We plan to build and maintain sustainable farmlands that will house various crops as recommended by the agricultural experts. We are the caretakers of your land in productive way.
Our Vision
To ensure peace and plenty by investing in the sustainable agricultural revolution.
Our Mission
To provide investors direct access to the highly attractive asset class of farmland.

We Want The Best For Everyone involved


- Helping people who want to own farmland
- Live freely while we manage your farmland
- Getting you the best-in-class returns on your investment.

Local Community

- Creating employment for rural farmers
- Enhancing their quality of life


- We embody the grow green concept
- We encourage to grow forest trees
- Create a positive impact on the environment

Meet the
Impact Makers

We’re not just a farmland company. We’re the future of farming.