Managed Farmland Near Bangalore: Aira Farms

For a plethora of reasons, agriculture is essential to our way of life. This is not it, there are several industries that depend on agricultural raw materials. All nations’ economies are based on agriculture. The GDP, economy, and progress of every nation are dependent on agricultural expansion. You might also be surprised to learn that by 2050, farmers will need to produce 70% more food than they do now in order to feed the entire world’s population. Staying rooted to our agricultural heritage is now more crucial than ever.

Considering all the perks of maintaining agriculture and our agricultural lands we at Mogg’s Estates have curated a home for you in the heart of nature, in association with Sumo Groups – Aira Farms


The Aira farms is a cultivated and productive land with various fruit bearing trees that would add to immediate revenues on a 20 acre land area. The region is around 56 km from Bangalore and boasts a green ambiance with a stunning hill vista right in front of it. To secure a pleasant stay at the face, we have set up a variety of facilities including fencing, lighting, restrooms, and a security house. The location is ideal for you and your family to spend time in nature and gain from nature’s assets.


Success – Relish excessive returns on investments with zero risks.

Serenity – Pause your prosaic life to savour the breeze of refreshment.

Security – Earn a lion’s share without the menace of risks involved.


Impressive Amenities

Enjoy a quintessential range of relaxing amenities at your very own home built in the heart of nature. We have a place designated for all seniors, youth, and children at Aira Farms. The location has a serene ambiance and a temple that gives a sense of solemnity to the farm. Moving on, we have a clubhouse, swimming pool, dining room, kids play room, cowshed, badminton court and kitchen.

Thriving Plantations 

This site comprises a fertile environment that bestows you with natural treasures. The (farmland) features a diverse range of plantations, including coconut, mango, lemon, custard apple, chikoo, jackfruit, tomato, jamun, amla, banana, teak, green chilli, papaya, citron lime and arecanut. Not only do you have accessibility to these fruits, but also to the goodness of nature.

Stunning Views

The picturesque land on the outskirts of Bangalore (about 56 km away) will delight your eyes with its liveliness and tranquility. The hill view of the farm complements the lush plantings and eye-catching amenities. These lovely brown distant hills amplify the overall image of the farm.

Convenient Facilities

There are several facilities available at Aira Farms to ensure that your stay is comfortable, safe, and serene. These amenities include security & fence, borewell, drip irrigation, water management, electricity, washrooms, and parking space.

Our prices begin at 35 lakhs, and we offer flexible payment plans with simple EMI* options. Don’t miss the chance to live near to our roots by failing to reserve your plots now.

Aira Farms is a  wise investment for both your financial and emotional well-being. Additionally, this is a fantastic chance for you to take advantage of right now given the decline in agricultural acreage and the rise in demand for agricultural products.

Visit our website at or give us a call at +91-9513655556 for more details on investing in this Managed Farmland Near Bangalore.

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