Why Is Agriculture Important For Our Country

Importance of agriculture for our country

All nations’ economies are based on agriculture. Growth in agriculture affects a nation’s GDP, economy, development, and other factors. Also, according to the report, farmers must produce 70% more food considering, by 2050, there will be an increase in population from 7 million to 9 million. Since the products of nature serve as the raw materials for art, agriculture serves as the foundation for manufacturing.

Knowing how agriculture contributes to being the most important industry for our nation is crucial because the discovery of agriculture was the first significant step toward a civilized life.

Why is Agriculture Important for Our Country

Source of livelihood

Since so many people depend on agriculture for a living, society would collapse in the absence of sound agricultural practices. Agriculture not only provides us with the food we need to survive, but it is also one of the largest employers in India, employing almost 70% of the country’s total workforce.

It is main source of raw materials

In addition to providing us with food, agriculture is a major source of the raw materials needed by many industries and aids in generating income, such as the cotton that is transformed into a variety of pure cotton and blended fabrics, the rubber that is used in the manufacturing of tires, rubber mattresses, and shoes, the cocoa beans that are widely used in the confectionery and cosmetics industries, and Not to forget that trees are frequently utilized as raw materials in the furniture, paper, traditional, and modern medicinal industries.

Contribution in international trade

In order to meet the world’s food demand, food products, particularly grains, vegetables, and fruits, are bought and sold in agricultural markets. Therefore, the global exchange of agricultural goods not only reduces world hunger but also boosts the economy of our nation. The USA was India’s largest agricultural product importer in 2021–2022 with a share of US$ 5.7 billion and 11.5% of the total exports. This demonstrates how essential foreign trade in agricultural products is to our nation.

Offers employment

There are positive instances of post-harvest reduction programmes that benefit farmers in developing nations economically and in terms of employment. Higher natural stock levels enable the production of new, extra jobs over the long term. Nearly 60% of all jobs in India are in the agricultural sector. Additionally, 97% of the rural population works in agriculture directly.

Crucial to our country’s development

Nearly two thirds of the workforce in India relies on agriculture for their livelihood. One of the biggest success stories of India’s independence is the development of the agricultural sector during the past forty years. This growth in agricultural output is the result of more land being put under cultivation, expanded irrigation systems, enhanced high-yielding seed varieties, and improved water management and agricultural research techniques. Additionally, increased trade, tax income, and employment from improved agricultural output leads to decreased poverty and accelerated economic growth for the nation.

Helps in healing the environment

Agriculture aids in reducing the detrimental effects on the environment while improving the beneficial ones. Today’s farmers use technology, science, and contemporary farming methods, which have increased productivity, crop yields, environmental safety, efficiency, and safety. Crop rotation and the development of cover crops are further practices that improve soil productivity and reduce soil erosion.

It is a reflection of our future

One thing is certain: agriculture has a promising future due to the expanding population and increased demand for food. The trading of agricultural products would undoubtedly aid in the improvement of our economic situation due to the rising demand. Therefore, further expansion will be achieved by adjusting to all current agricultural technologies and upholding peaceful relations with our neighboring nations.


All of the aforementioned reasons demonstrate the importance of agriculture to the economy of our nation and how it may help to both boost international trade and uphold friendly relations with other nations.

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