Farmland ownership, what are the other ways land owners make money?



Because agricultural land historically increases in value ( or say, in particular, because there is a finite amount of it while the desire to own it only increases over the year and in the future, it will hold a strong value),  it’s also said to be often found in investor portfolios.

People prize assets and agricultural land investments because of their long-term stability. It also helps to invest in something that yields products that everyone needs to buy out of necessities.

These are the few other ways to make money from owning arable land.


Individuals seek farmland to own because they want a relatively safer place for their investment. For example, say a land owner is willing to share a piece of land with another person to grow their produce in return the land owner would be receiving an income plus the extradition produce from the land. This process may vary from person to person based on their own terms and condition. However, you should partner with experts if you lack experience in the agricultural sector. We at Mogg’s would love to help and sort it out for you. Else you might leave money on the table without their experience in getting returns.

For better results, you’ll want to make sure you understand how to calculate the value of the farmland and how to estimate its condition(so you’ll know the value of the crop yield potential, and based on yield potential you can rent and grow the produce) and when you decide to rent, you’ll want to speak with many farmers for comparison, check their references and so on.

Custom Farming

This isn’t about the farming niche, but custom agriculture products. Custom farming involves a landowner making fixed payments to a custom farming operator the hired farmer does specific, custom tasks such as handling all growing or harvesting crops. In other words, he would be responsible from preharvest to post-harvest.

Custom farming is an excellent option for generating income from your farmland, without bearing any of the work yourself. The most important thing is to seek an experienced custom farming company that has succeeded in farming the commodity you are looking to grow. Again, we at Mogg’s will figure it out for you

We help and ensure a higher yield and more profits from your farm.

Owner Finance

Another approach to agricultural investment is owner financing. You own the farmland and transfer the title to a farmer who is buying land from you for a period of the season to grow the produce and generate income. That is only a title of being a farmer would be transferred but the title of the land owner would remain to oneself. That is to say in this situation, you are acting as a bank, as noted by on pasture.

A benefit to farmers/buyers is that they can start farming land even if they do not own land or even lack collateral or do not have a good creditability.

Owners can earn money over the years in the form of interest while not losing the land. Also, they add additional charges to the normal payments or principal amounts.

Be Investors: Its one more way to do it

Intelligent investors must understand that farmland is a limited asset and want to invest in an innovative plan to generate revenue. It could be selling a part of small land and allowing others to grow their produce or starting to gain revenue. If you have an idea or opportunity for growth or expansion, you could have the option to generate farm funding from investors. That is to say by outlining your goals and plans for your farm over say 10 years

If you have plans to expand your farm operations or an opportunity to purchase more ground, we’d be happy to review your plans and projects and see if it could be a good opportunity for our pool of investors


Farmland is not your basic investment, but a revenue growth generator.

Investment? Expanding territory?  Want to outgrow profit? Come join our hands, we will do the hard work for you.

We at Mogg’s estates sow your future for a better tomorrow.

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